Sunday, 30 September 2012

Latest Trend?

Well I have been busy cutting and stitching and wearing I just need to get the camera out.
I have just returned from a break in the Town of  Books.  I have never visited Hay on Wye before but it is one of those places I had on my places to visit list.  Hay of course is famous for, amongst other things, its book festival held annually in May. Apart from book shops there are lots of  other nice independent shops there, including a fabric shop!  Whilst the fabric at Bedecked is not at the cheaper end there are some lovely fabrics available and of course I had to have the inevitable holiday purchase.  I also had some lovely vintage buttons from Vintage Mercantile. There were also of course some books bought, mostly the stiching kind.

A cinema full of books - yes a cinema full

River Wye

Anyway back to stitching, I was interested to read one of the latest trends appears to be contrast collars. There are some lovely examples at Net A Porter.Com.  I just fancy a black crepe dress with contrast collar, I shall have to check out my stash. Where does your inspiration come from?

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