Monday, 23 April 2012

Colette Pattern Bandwagon

I thought I would let you know about my Colette Pattern purchase.  I came across Jasmine last week at Millie Moon fabrics whilst on my travels to Wells.  Jasmine is exactly what I have been looking for in ages a simple top cut on the cross or bias.  I love the litlle booklet that accompanies the pattern and the page for notes is a great idea.  I have managed to find a gorgeous piece of silk in my stash.  I bought the fabric ages ago from Calico Fabrics.  I managed to cut out the blouse over the weekend,  there was just enough fabric with a bit of jiggling about.  Currently its a UFO (un-finished object) but I hope to be able to progress the sewing once my PJ's for the Did you Make That pyjama party are complete.  Will post more photos as it progresses.  Have you bought the Jasmine pattern?  what fabric did you use?

Gorgeous silk fabric

Gorgeous silk close up

Colette Jasmin


  1. Hi, I'm on the verge of splashing out for my Jasmine Colette pattern. The idea was to start drafting my own stuff, but not having had a Colette before, I wanted to see what all the hype is about. Besides, it is a very flattering cut.

    I've bought 1m of 144cm wide Liberty-style fabric and now I realise it's a bias pattern, I wonder if this will be enough. Any thoughts?

  2. Hi there thank you for stopping by. I don't think 1mt of 144cm will be enough for this pattern. I have cut mine out but I don't recall how much fabric I had as I purchased the fabric ages(years) ago. I would say I probably had at least 2 mts and it was about 115 cm wide at least. I had to jiggle the pattern about quite a bit. Also the fabric has an obvious design when you look at it closely which didn't help. The Colette website gives details on fabric requirements see
    The pattern suggests quite a bit of fabric is required, but I think most patterns are quite generous on fabric requirements.
    This is the first Colette pattern I have bought. Perhaps I should have made some notes in the booklet as to how much fabric I had !! I have pinned the body together and will post more photos once complete. I like bias cut garments as they have movement. I hope this has been of some help.

  3. Yes, it has! I was off to Goldhawk Road tomorrow in any case and can now buy some more fabric! It would have been awful to have had to do this trip mid-flow. Good luck and hope to compare notes soon!