Sunday, 22 April 2012

Pyjama Party

Well I responded to the Didyoumakethat Pyjama Party invite and committed to join in the fun with all the other avid sewers and bloggers. Whilst I knew I probably had a suitable trouser pattern in my pattern stash  I happened to find a suitable pattern at a charity shop in Glastonbury whilst on my travels last week. At twenty pence I couldn't go wrong. I also found some cotton jersey fabric in my fabric stash.  It's a blue floral and there were about 2.5 metres in total.  But I must have had the fabric dirt cheap somewhere as there was a print defect along most of the selvage, there was a row of small holes and it didn't sit straight when folded, but it all added to the fun when cutting out! So as you can gather I am in the party spirit, I have cut out the trousers, in fact I managed to cut out two PJ trousers and a cut off vest shaped top. Next task is pinning up. 

Twenty pence pattern, I shall omit the gathered hem.

The pattern also has a jacket, vest top and shorts.

Pretty Blue floral cotton jersey fabric
Close up of the pattern defect along the selvage
Close up of the floral pattern

I have cut out a cropped version of the vest top.

Because the fabric has an all over design the trouser pattern could be interlocked, thereby using less fabric

Left over fabric - which will go in the scrap bag for a draught excluder

Again a close up of the pattern defect

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